Katie and I have started our official plans for moving to Austin. Originally, we were looking at buying a house, but we were outbid on two different places that we liked and were able to visit over the holidays. We have learned that house shopping is difficult and time-consuming! So, we decided to put off our search until we have relocated, that way we can go visit as many places as we want (and actually be able to tour them).

Sooo… we rented an AirBnB in Rollingwood for the first six weeks in Austin. It’s super nice looking! They checked our boxes with a nice, centrally-located, private unit with a big yard for us to take Gage out. Very exciting!

We also booked one-way flights from Austin back to Seattle for the second leg of our trip. We will be flying out early in the morning of Tuesday, March 19th. The plan is to pick up Gage and take a semi-direct trip back to Austin, hopefully stopping in Carbondale to check out my brother’s new taproom for Roaring Fork: Batch! Katie has also never met my niece, Harlow, so that will be exciting as well!

We also sketched out a rough itinerary for our trip, will share in a later post!

For those of you curious about when we will arrive in Austin:

  • 3/2 - Leave Seattle and drive down coast
  • 3/18 - Arrive in Austin after 16 days on the road!
  • 3/19 - Fly back to Seattle to get Gage!
  • 3/23 - Arrive back in Austin!
  • 3/25 - Nick’s first day at AffiniPay!

We are super excited… Hopefully the shutdown is averted today or tomorrow!